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Ky's Kitchenette

Fri Oct 19, 2018 9:33 pm

Journal entry for the Creativity Challenge. I'm not really much of a one for journaling otherwise.

So, Ky likes to learn. That much I've established, but I haven't gone into the details.

Ky got to go to the university by saying that when she had learned "enough" she would come back to be Darbyton's scholar, keeping the geneological records, and helping to teach the children.

However, the University's newish approved program covers the following skills:


She'll also need Teaching, so she can actually teach them, and Logistics to keep all the records organised.

That's a lot of subjects, and most of them came in after Ky finished her formal schooling, so she's hungry to learn. It's enough to give her excuses and/or reasons to stay and study for years, because if she wants to get at least a Letter qualification in all of them, she's looking at 3-4 years of study, plus enough work to pay her fees. And that's if she only "dabbles" and doesn't go higher than Letter.

Good thing she likes learning!
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