The Reverrik Reports

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The Reverrik Reports

Sun Jun 16, 2019 8:10 am

Ymiden 1 719

Where to begin...

Seeing as how it is my intention to learn and research the mysteries of the world, I had felt it high time that I begin with writing my own personal notes. The first being the sudden lack of connection to Emea, after the last dream that I had experienced the night before this took place. The moment I felt my reserves threatened and my rest minimal, I knew I had to be wary as both of my Sparks feared the potential issue to rise. I had asked master Phelix what it had meant, the loss of our connection to Emea. What he told me felt most unsettling too...

Without Emea our Ether cannot replenish naturally, which explains why the Sparks felt threatened immediately. However there are ways to manage, but for now it looks like we'll have to watch ourselves carefully. What keeps aggravating me though was the dream I remember the night this happened, as it seemed to be connected to something happening beyond the physical plane of Idalos. I'm not alone in this either as Phelix also admitted to having the same dream, and when we went out on a stroll later to-trial many others murmured of the same thing.

So what was that really? Dreams already beheld a fickle sense of fascination, as so little could only be understood about them; when it comes to the mortal mind that is. But what everyone experienced that night wasn't just some dream, it was a real significant event with catastrophic events! All those people gathered around a mysterious figure at the center, just as it all came crashing down as one of the individuals there attempted to flay the figure. Did they succeed? Was that what caused the fall? When I think about the face of that man, I feel a sense of familiarity but the name is now gone.

Strange forces are at work now, I must make preparations and continue to pursue my goals. Maybe in time I'll find answers pertaining to this event, and if not then I'll continue searching until I do.

For who can run from their destiny in times like this.

word count: 378
"Destiny is never left to chance."

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