alchemicals ii

Once the epitome of advancement and wonderment, this ancient city has suffered an apocalyptic catastrophe and now drowns deeper into destruction as schemes and further disasters threaten to tear it asunder. Hope has long since left the land... but some have refused to surrender their place in the sun
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alchemicals ii

Fri May 31, 2019 9:11 pm

64th of Ashan, Arc 719

Kaelrik finished putting in place one of the apparatuses in the study that he’d essentially claimed as his own on his husband’s estate. He gently removed the cloth and beheld the assembly of glassware, tools, bowls and objects that were going to serve as the foundations of his continued experimentation in the days to come. He looked down at the chest where he’d deposited all of the coin that had been granted to him upon his emancipation as a slave. He had traded out the five onyx nel that he’d been given for a much larger selection of coin that he’d put in a chest and had been keeping safe. A simple conversation with the elements had afforded it some level of protection against those who might have been interested in looting it. Convincing the earth and air to stand watch over his belongings wasn’t very difficult when he could convince them to form as he needed them to.

Thus far he had spent a cumulative total to a single onyx nel piece in both acquiring a suitable wardrobe beyond homespun items and also to get started on his projects. It would be slow going but Kaelrik was determined to contribute something to his Kindal’s household beyond his simple company. The idea of being idle and not helping to provide for them both set his hair on edge. The Lotharro pushed those thoughts aside as he regarded the rudimentary laboratory that he’d fashioned for himself. It was far from what he would have called ideal and most of it was assembled from what he could remember from his father’s workshop growing up. He was bound to have missed some things.

Going to his journal where he’d been taking notes after pouring through volume after volume of books the day prior, Kaelrik opened up to a passage concerning one of the scientific processes he was intent on practicing that day. It seemed a simple enough process in theory but he was going to have to see it in action in order to truly grasp it.

Absorption. The process by which gasses and other vapors were purified through filtration.

He noted that he was going to need various glass alembics, a proper heat source in order to convert a liquid into a gas and then cheesecloth treated with charcoal in order to achieve this process properly. Looking around at his assembled tools, Kaelrik frowned. He began sifting through some of the crates that had been brought in from the city. He rummaged for a few bits before he got all of the simple items assembled on a workbench in front of him. He set up an alembic so that it was situated over a brazier designed to gently heat the glass so that liquids could boil inside. He brought the pieces over so that they were seated beneath a glass distilling coil. Once everything was in place, Kaelrik eyed it all with a little bit of skepticism. He had no idea if what he was going to do would be at all effective but it was worth a try.

Everything that he’d assembled had been garnered from what little knowledge of could remember of his father’s workshop and diagrams from chemistry and alchemy books. The few that were available. Running a hand through his hair, Kaelrik folded his arms over his chest, tapping his fingers over his biceps as he contemplated on how exactly to get started. With a sigh he resolved that the best way to start was simply to do that, get started. Going to a corner of the room, he’d retrieved a bucket of water before getting situated. In it there was a fair bit of silt that made the water cloudy. If what he was going to attempt was to be successful, he would be able to purify the water. While he certainly could have done that with his Defiance, the point of the entire process was to minimize his use of magic while still being able to achieve magical things.

He poured enough of the cloudy water into the alembic, affixed the open end to the distillation coil and then checked, double-checked and triple checked that everything was properly sealed. Once he was satisfied, Kaelrik touched a finger to the candle in the brazier. With but a whisper to his kin element, the wick of the candle was ignited. He set the brazier in place while quietly whispering to the flame that burned happily. Its music was playful and curious, Kaelrik added the steady notes of patience and excitement to its happy song guiding it more securely to the task at hand. Too much excitement and the fire would blaze out of control in its eagerness to explore and burn. Too little and it would fizzle out. Kaelrik gaze its music just enough of a push in the right direction to keep it contained but hot enough to achieve his goal a bit quicker than would otherwise be normal for a fire not aided by Defiance.

He watched as the water inside of the glass began to boil. The vapors began to pass through the cheesecloth treated with charcoal. It was then that Kaelrik noticed he forgot to affix a collection retort on the opposite end of the distillation coils. Springing forward from his otherwise relaxed stance, Kaelrik scrambled to affix it to the opposite end before any of the purified water was lost. He fumbled with the retort and the filtration cloth. Choosing the path of a cheater, he took hold of the water with his Defiance and convinced it to slide up the glass as opposed to falling in order to give himself more time. After a few bits of fumbling, Kaelrik finally got the retort in place. He then gave up his coaxing of the water and let it fall downward into the retort through the filtration cloth.

Going to his journal, Kaelrik made a few notes to himself. Namely, he made a note to make sure that he had all of his equipment firmly in place before setting in motion the reactions meant to take place. He could only imagine what might have gone wrong had he been working with something decidedly more dangerous than water. It was one of the first lessons to be learned and it was a good one. He realized that he would have to be far more attentive to the details in this whole endeavor. Finishing his notes, Kaelrik looked at the glass coils through which the water vapors were passing. Coincidentally he was witnessing another of the processes that he had read about, vague though the notes had been.

Distillation. It was an altogether more complex process involving various steps as well as end results. The result wasn’t always that a of a gas to a liquid. From what he gathered it all depended on how one distilled the substances they were working with. The purification of materials was what mattered. The possibilities were a bit mind-boggling but Kaelrik was determined to get a firm grasp on them. He leaned back against one of the work benches opposite of where his little experiment was presently set up. As he watched both the brazier and the water and vapors passing in front of him, he looked at his right hand. The idea occurred to him that through alchemy he would be capable of not only manipulating existing materials but creating news ones entirely. It was a rough idea but he was beginning to form one.

Kaelrik had at his disposal the power to manipulate the raw elements. As he grew more powerful as a Defier, he was aware of the fact that he would be able to even blend the elements together. With that in mind, combined with other skills, Kaelrik began to formulate a plan in his head. It would take a considerable amount of work on his part but he could see a way forward. He watched as more of the water was boiled away into vapors that traveled to the coils only to condense back into purified water on the opposite end. How many steps would it take? He did not know. He was only just now beginning to take the trade that his father had encouraged him to pursue more seriously. While he recalled the many long trials spent in Taelin Arenir’s workshop, it had been so long ago that Kaelrik needed to refresh himself on the basics. With all of this in mind, Kaelrik was resolved to the fact that he would eventually have to go see his father in Gauthrel.

There had been a time when such a prospect terrified him. Now that he knew his brother was alive and well, he was not as afraid. To return to Aedirn and walk the halls of his father without anything to show for himself however, that was not something that he wanted to do. He would return to his father’s workshop in time. First, there were some things he needed to achieve, even if it meant facing failure after failure to achieve them.

If such a thing as the simple act of purifying water was possible, then truly anything and everything was open to him. He just needed to find the way to do it.
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