[Scaltoth Jungle] Our Big Fat Jungle Adventure

From Tried's Mouth to the mysterious Tower, the waters around Scalvoris and the island itself hold a vast array of secrets, just ripe for discovery. Here are landmarks and small villages of note.

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[Scaltoth Jungle] Our Big Fat Jungle Adventure

Mon Sep 23, 2019 6:34 pm

15th Trial Ymiden, Arc 719

"Let's go to the jungle! It'll be fun, she said!" Theo growled, well under his breath for at least the third time since they'd entered the Scaltoth Jungle from the south. It had been less than a quarter break since they'd broken into the treeline, but already the jungle was proving itself to be the single most miserable place that he'd ever seen or been. A twisting, turning tangle of misery. They'd both outfitted themselves to a degree that ought to ensure they could overcome and survive just about any scenario that presented itself. They'd armed themselves to the teeth. They'd brought enough supplies and equipment to see them through a ten break or more. Naturally they'd brought along their slaves...make that paid and kindly respected servants should anyone ask, to carry all their belongings.

But already Theo's shirt and the soft inner lining of his leather hat was soaked with sweat. He'd tripped over so many tangled vines that he'd become convinced that the things were alive, and were reaching out in an effort to ensnare him. The only solace, as he looked ahead to where Zana was leading the way...this already ill fated expedition, make that folly, was her idea after all, and so he'd been content to let her steer their course. The concoction she'd conjured up to drive off the insects was proving somewhat effective. But Theo was skeptical about whether it would ward off any of the other, probably thousands of things in this jungle that probably wanted to kill them. If there was treasure to find in this place, it better be worth it.

Up to now, he'd determined that if either of them was going to complain, then first it was going to be her, and not him. But after wrestling with yet another tangle of vines, to get back the hat that they'd stolen from atop his head, Theo yanked the thing back and pushed it down on his head. "Has it occurred to you Zana that in the hottest season of the arc, you've chosen for us to explore the single hottest location on the planet?" he asked. "You know there are ice caves in Scalvoris, right? Ice caves. Places that are cold. Places that aren't kitted out like a sweat lodge in the middle of a desert."

A few strides later, he asked, "Do you know how to use that thing?" He was referring to the compass they'd bought. He'd had no qualms about her carrying the thing and not him. Theo had been raised in the Dust Quarter of Rharne. He had better survival instincts than most. The wilderness, the jungle, was a whole different story. Many strengths, had he. But reading a compass in the thick of the wilderness was not one of them. And then he stopped dead in his tracks, looking around curiously as a tiny chorus of voices seemed to come up from nowhere. Or rather, somewhere from the middle of a patch of vivid gold and blue flowers.

"Foolish is as foolish does!" the the little trumpet shaped blooms seemed to sing in perfect harmony, as if they were one. Surely Zana had heard it too, and Theo simply shook his head at the strangeness of this confounding location. Clearly it was a warning and he responded in kind. "Tell her that. This is her brainchild," he grunted.
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