The Trial of the Balanced

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Re: The Trial of the Balanced

Mon Jul 08, 2019 12:26 pm

Ashan 30, 719 Who Knows?

After a slap and a splash to the face, Hector's eyes fluttered open, the man hanging limply in Enrick's grasp. His eyes moved from Enrick to Rabu and back. A slight smirk crossed his face, "I do hope we're friends. I'm a bit to ragged to fight so seriously." The man looked around the trial, seeing the elemental chaos, much of which was rushing toward him and his two new companions.

With a weak raise of the hand, the spikes of ice and bolts of lightning stopped. It all stopped. "Sorry about that. Fell asleep after all that nonsense. Crazy dreams that one can't discuss sober." With a tired nod, the elements all began to calm, flowing back into a more natural state. Enrick slipped out of the Exemplar state, and would find himself nearly instantly drained of nearly all of his energy. But within his soul, he'd feel that new, tired Defiance spark, the one that yearned for water first and foremost.

As the threat dissipated, Bubbles conjured back into existence, settling upon Rabu's head like a tiara. Hector looked out across the way at the doorway, "Y'all ain't so bad. If you ever need help, or you visit Blackbrine, call to the winds. They'll lead you to me."

With that, Hector started toward the exit, the elements floating beneath his feet, and beneath Enrick's and Rabu's, to allow safe passage out. The elements continued to whisper to Rabu, but now that Enrick had let them in, the whispers were gone for him. Once Hector exited, Rabu and Enrick would be exited too. But they could choose the where and the when.
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The Trial of the Balance has been completed. You two may exit to any location you wish, and at any time you wish. When you do, drop a link in your last post here to the new or existing thread where your exit occurs. If you exit into The Pure, you do not need to link.

You two may post as many times as you'd like within this round. I will post again as soon as able. If you have any questions, fire away.

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Re: The Trial of the Balanced

Sun Jul 14, 2019 5:35 pm

The Trial of the Balanced
Ashan 30th, 719
t appeared as though his action in regards to awakening the man worked, as Hector seemed to come to his senses after the sensation of water rushing into his face. The comment he had to make when he saw the both of them would've been a humorous one, had Enrick not already gone through a literal hellstorm just to get to the man. Seriously it felt like a miracle that the two were alive right now, which felt nearly miniscule when the moment came for the storm to end in a near instant. In the simplest form of a gesture Hector could end the wrath of the Elements, something that would've easily impressed Enrick were he not so tired and edgy as of now.

Lilac eyes were half focused on the man who remarked upon his dreams, the mentioning something Enrick couldn't even begin to fathom as of now. Dreams made him do this? He didn't dare with to know what those dreams were, then again Enrick himself would probably have his own to contend with later. As the other Elements receded in their fury it became clear to Enrick, that the power he'd only thought to borrow would in fact remain a part of him now. Deep within the presence of the Spark was there, a soft ambient thing that resonated within the confines of his inner being somehow. Innately the presence of water felt more a desirable thing to Enrick, as the Spark within him still yearned even in the dormant state it took.

It was all strange to him honestly, feeling the power of a Spark rest within his soul. He certainly wanted to take a bit longer to recuperate and learn more about it, only now didn't seem to be the best time for that. They'd helped Hector out and he seemed grateful enough to offer them the same, that is should they ever need of him of course. Call to the winds? It became clear Hector was a pirate of some kind when he mentioned Blackbrine, as every sailor and fisherman in Scalvoris knew quickly what that place was. Nevertheless he wouldn't forget what Hector had offered, much less done to him, now that he experienced what the power of the Elements offered. To think maybe one Trial Enrick would be able to do amazing things like that...

Enrick looked to Rabu expected them to be able to leave together, but the moment Hector stepped through nothing he wanted to say couldn't. Because in that moment they too were warped back out of there.

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Re: The Trial of the Balanced

Thu Jul 25, 2019 7:44 pm

It would seem that all Hector needed was a good slap to the face and a splash of water to snap out of his trance.
“Yes we friends.” Rabu nodded in affirmation. “We sent to help you.”

The Tunawa turned to follow the mans concerned gaze and saw the elements flying towards them, ready to destroy them at any moment. Rabu’s heart sank in his chest but then the man raised his hand and everything went calm.

“If only dis were dream..” Rabu tightened his forehead in a frown and looked to the ground as he contemplated all they had witnessed in this strange place.

“Call to winds…” Rabu muttered under his breath with a raised brow in confusion as hector made his way out of the trial. The name “Blackbrine didn’t ring any bells but Rabu put it in his mind for safe keeping just in case.

After feeling the sudden familiar presence of Bubbles on his forehead Rabu looked up and smiled up at the spirit. “Dank you friend. Now lets get out of dis place.” Rabu then followed after the two tall folk men but his walking speed slowed to a snails pace just before reaching the door.

It was the strange whispers from earlier, could they be the elements of the place calling to him? they had to be, but what could this mean? The more logical, and rational parts of him were telling him that they wished to corrupt him like Hector but Rabu possessed the domain of Mystery and he couldn’t simply ignore the mysterious voices that called to him.

Rabu closed his eyes and began to focus on them until he heard nothing but their hushed tone filling his mind.
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