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Looking for Romance

Mon Jul 06, 2020 1:51 am

Brent's a sucker for romance (and I might be a sucker for writing it). Today I realized that 9/10 PCs signed up in Melrath are male (or inactive), and the one lady is already engaged ICly. So dream threads and other thread prospects it is!

I'm pretty chill though, even if it's something fun and casual with a romantic theme.

Brent enjoys cartography and construction related activities, and is located in Melrath. However, he does have lucid dreaming skills. Soon he'll also have more mobility (winged horse mount).

OOCly I'm trying to get a bit more active to be at least posting a couple times a week.

Putting it out there in case there's anyone on the far side of Idalos interested in threading.

Edit: Sorry gentlemen, Brent is fairly straight. OOCly I've explored different situations so I have no opposition OOCly. So if your PC is good at Becoming, for example, and can appear as a lady then that's cool too.
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