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Re: Review Request 2.2.1

Mon Sep 23, 2019 11:59 pm

Rewards Requested
Thread Name: A Dangerous Game Part VI
City/Area: Etzos, Outer Villages
Notes/Warnings: Nope
Requested Rewards:
Disguise - Knowledge of who you impersonate is very important
Disguise - Weaver Drivia Hornstone
Disguise - Mitigating Yludih 'shimmers'
Deception - Using the force of chain of command to cover your lies
Deception - Covering up for missed information

Loot: N/A
Injuries/Overstepping: Knocked out, more to come!
Renown: Moderate - the Webspinners are a far-flung and powerful organization who have discovered an impersonator in their midst.
Magic Experience?: No

Last one for now! The story will wrap up soon
word count: 99
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Re: Review Request 2.2.1

Tue Sep 24, 2019 5:17 pm

Rewards Requested
Thread Name: Stargazer
City/Area: Emea
Notes/Warnings: Part One. Chance is non-lucid. Llyr is lucid.

Requested Rewards:

Attunement: Frequency: Emea
Attunement: Note: The Dreamer.
Detection: Finding the Dreamer in their dreamscape.
Meditation: The balanced flux of Emea.
Teaching: Verbal instructions.
Teaching: Sharing knowledge with others.
Teaching: Instructing while showing an example.
Teaching: The art of symbolic metaphor.
Teaching: Patience for a new student.

Loot: n/a
Injuries/Overstepping: n/a
Renown: n/a
Wealth Points: n/a

Collaboration: Yes
Magic Experience?: No
word count: 88


The following visuals are not applicable in the Etzos territory during Ymiden: Gossamer Wings, Halo.


Llyr's eyes are constantly changing based on a blend of his emotions.
When an emotion dominates, the pigment expands past his irises to the entire eye - faintly glowing in that emotion's color.
See Color References here.


  • Gossamer wings resembling a cross between the wings of a dragonfly and a flying ant.
  • An iridescent halo that hovers over his head.
  • Crystalline legs from his toes to the mid of his thighs (like stockings made of quartz embedded into his skin).
  • An ever-moving inky tattoo, with Rorschach-like designs, on his back.


Llyr currently has 9 major scars, referenced on his CS.
Most noticeable is two parallel lines, with an triangular arrow point connecting them, on the center of his forehead.


When in a totem's body, Llyr's mutations persist but his scars do not.
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Re: Review Request 2.2.1

Wed Sep 25, 2019 12:40 am

Rewards Requested
Thread Name: Mistress of Shadows (Part 2)
City/Area: Desnind
Notes/Warnings: Not really
Requested Rewards:
Discipline: Overcoming the fear of the Crimson Eyed Woman
Deception: Not telling the whole truth to your mother
Detection: Identifying crimson eyes
Field Craft: Moving through a pitch black forest
Etiquette: Always introduce yourself to new people
Storytelling: Listening is most important

Loot: N/A
Injuries/Overstepping: N/A
Renown: N/A
Wealth Points: N/A
Collaboration: (No)
Magic Experience?: (No)
word count: 80
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Wald Lowca
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Re: Review Request 2.2.1

Wed Sep 25, 2019 12:41 am

Rewards Requested
Thread Name: Burning hearts, Cleansing fires II
City/Area: (Where is this taken place in?)
Notes/Warnings: Violence, gore, violence, burning people, bodily functions, and head pats
Requested Rewards:
Sybil 35
Discipline: What to expect during an assault
Discipline: Measured responses to sabotage
Discipline: Coming to peace with dead innocence
Discipline: Complying with self-set orders
Discipline: Finding focus among battle comrades
Discipline: Commands instill focus and clarity
Leadership: Without tactics, front-line leading is detrimental
Leadership: One should know their own role as a leader
Leadership: One should know when not to micromanage
Leadership: Leading by example
Leadership: Morale can turn the tides of a battle
Leadership: Morale is affected by death
Leadership: Morale is affected by injury and disease
Leadership: Leading an assault against necromancers
Logistics: Goods can be purposefully tainted
Logistics: Accurate and constant inventory is required
Logistics: Resource: Medicine
Logistics: Resource: Poisons
Logistics: Always make sure stores are properly merged
Psychology: A mind can break during torture
Psychology: Motivation: False Hope
Psychology: Motivation: Not Dying Slowly
Psychology: People rarely prefer slow deaths
Psychology: Slow deaths leave a highly lasting impact
Psychology: The uneducated can be intelligent in their own right
Psychology: Mental growth is all about loss
Psychology: Taking a human life is a big step for one's mind
Rhetoric: Allowing pauses to aid in Pathos
Rhetoric: Long silences to stain another's perspective
Rhetoric: Extreme displays can shift perspective heavily
Rhetoric: Morale can be raised with a good enough speech
Surgery: Infinite thread doesn't matter if it's all the same width
Surgery: Treating Wald during the necromantic raid
Surgery: Treating Margaret during the necromantic raid
Surgery: Treating peasants during the necromantic raid
Wald 35
Hunting (Man-Hunter): Hunting a group of people
Combat Ranged (Longbow): Firing into a cavern
Combat Ranged (Longbow): Shooting a warning shot
Combat Ranged (Longbow): Shooting a woman in the neck
Combat Ranged (Longbow): Shooting a woman in the head
Combat Ranged (Longbow): Double tap
Detection: Seeing in a cavern
Stealth: trying to keep a group unnoticed
Stealth: Using dark to light transition
Stealth: Move around what noticed you
Trap Making: Trapping a battle field
Trap Making: Traps down a corridor
Trap Making: Dragging out the leader for assassination
Field Craft: Simple wood walls
Meditation: Keep calm for others
Meditation: Do not stop thinking ahead
Tactics: work together
Tactics: bottle neck
Tactics: Kill zone
Tactics: unified attacks
Tactics: Assaulting a bottle neck
Tactics: Phalanx
Unarmed: Tearing a person apart
Unarmed: Digging into undead flesh
Unarmed: Pulling away bone
Endurance: Sparking energy
Endurance: Prolonged battle
Endurance: Getting shaken awake
Strength: Pulling bones
Strength: Holding captives
Resistance: Sparking energy
Leadership: working with group of people
Leadership: Fighting with group of people
Leadership: organizing people
Leadership: Support your lessers
Numbness for a couple trials
Ear pain for a couple trials
Treated wound on the back that will scar
Renown: Large, we just did an assault and public burning
Wealth Points:
Collaboration: (Yes)
Magic Experience?: (No)
word count: 502
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