A Hunt Hidden by the Clouds [Wald]

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A Hunt Hidden by the Clouds [Wald]

Wed Sep 25, 2019 11:42 am


40th of Ymiden 719

It was a cloudy and cold night in the Videnese wilderness. Dark, but what light was there reflected off the pure white of the snow in shades of blue-gray and violet.

The camp was peaceful and almost tranquil, yet the wilderness sounds persisted, undisturbed. That is, until the call arose.

It began as a baying of a wolf, and then grew into a full-on howl as one of the moons broke through the cloud cover, to show its face. The light was almost blinding, full as the moon was in the sky. It lit the snowfields and trees with brilliant white light.

Wald would feel Ylfa stirring, her temperament restless. Finally, when the baying and howling of wolves subsided, she said to Wald, "Master, it's Karem! She calls us to hunt!"

Once more the wolf cried in the distance, until all fell silent. The tranquil ambience of the wilderness disturbed. Karem had marked the prey that Wald was to hunt. Yet that would not make it easier to hunt. Far from it.

When Karem marked her prey in order to test hunters, she did so not for ease of finding them. She did it to give them good sport. That most probably meant days and sleepless nights of tracking the prey, until it has been brought down, and a trophy claimed from it.

Karem would not interfere, not until Wald attributed the creature's flesh to her, as the Wolf Mother's share.

This left Wald with whatever else he might like off of the mysterious prey. In Karem's pack, one shared their kills with their kin.

The moon was swiftly obscured by clouds as the call faded into echo.

 ! Message from: Pig Boy
Alright Wald, Praetorum has volunteered to make this hunt interesting for you as a GST. You can post once now, and then he will post, and I'll let you two work out how you want to proceed from there. When Karem is needed to make an appearance, I'll jump in one last time. Hope you have fun!
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Re: A Hunt Hidden by the Clouds [Wald]

Wed Sep 25, 2019 12:03 pm

Wald had been laying in his tent, the unnatural warmth of which kept him and his animals safe from the biting cold. The peace was slowly taken away from the hunter's camp, as Ylfa stood alerted to some force within the forest. Wald's eyes would open, his thoughts clouded for a few moments. His eyes began to give a dull burn, along with his teeth. It was his mark being pulled, it was similar to when his abilities increased. This time however, it was for another reason.

The wolf spirit he trusted soon began to speak, this led Wald's brow to quark. His body slowly climbed to his feet, from the ground where he was to sleep. Moving out of the tent slowly, he could hear the wolf cries once more in the distance. His senses could feel that something was out there waiting, just not one that could be followed with the mark. There was finally a creature out there, one that could challenge the hunter.

Grabbing hold of his longbow, and equipping his arrows Wald prepared for the trials ahead. A smile would enter his face though, he was being tested, maybe this hunt will spark his ambition once again. As the mark Karem had gifted him, it made things easier. The thrill of hunting something of the unknown again, that is what he sought after.

As the echos left, Wald would begin to move from his camp. Calling upon his companion. "Let us go for the hunt."

Ylfa recognized that face on the hunter. The last time it was there, he hunted the bear near his camp. She would need to help bring him down from this high, if not the hunt could end in failure. "Yes I will come, Master." Though for now, she choose to follow the hunter. Sniffing out for clues of the location, as Wald's eyes scanned the forest for tracks and broken branches.
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