Category:08 The Age of Prophecy

Arcs 701-Current

Many arcs have passed since the world’s restoration but still the tensions between Immortals remain in schism. In commemoration of the renewal, Ralaith named the trial of the Oath their Greatest Trial, and began the Idalos calendar. Ziell warned his siblings quietly that the truce would be threatened after the 700th Arc of the new calendar, that Idalos would see the most change since the renewal in the Arcs to follow. Faldrun rules his humans with a totalitarian fist and proudly preaches his doctrine of control and subjugation to any who will listen, slowly growing his allies. Many believe Faldrun will one trial shatter the truce, pushed to fury by the conviction of his beliefs, and grimly prepare themselves. The war never ended, only came to a truce, and by that Oath Vhalar uneasy peace and a war of shadows and mortal servants has taken its place.

The time of change has arrived. Seventeen arcs into the century of change Ziell prophesied. The agents of Immortals roam every corner of Idalos. Their children, the elusive Mortalborn, seek power in greater number than any have existed in history before. Magic, the stolen fragments of the Originals bring new threats to the face of the land, uncontrollable deific power in the hands of mere mortals. Leaders, Heroes, and Villains will be born these Arcs, people who will change the course of Idalos and finally test the limits of Oath, and the future of all.

Welcome to Idalos. Welcome to our Trials...

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