Creating Your PC

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Whether you've come here with a really clear idea of what you want to play, or you're just not sure - there are steps you'll need to go through in order to create your character. This section of the Wiki is here to help you every step of the way - so lets begin.

Read Your Welcome PM!

When you join the site and create a new account, as soon as you've confirmed your email address, you'll be sent a Welcome Private Message (PM) from Pegasus. This PM has a number of bits of useful information in it, but most important right now is the link to your Character Sheet (CS). When you joined, a CS template was created for you and posted, by your user account, in the correct forum. Follow that link and you'll see the thread in question - it's title is your account name.

So, now you know where you're creating your PC, it's time to get started.

Take It A Section At A Time

Creating your PC is a step by step task which allows you to craft the character. This guide helps you to fill in that CS one step at a time.

Rules To Be Aware Of

Like anywhere, Standing Trials has a number of rules which we expect our players to be aware of. You need to be aware of the Terms of Use and also note the rules regarding Approval & Posting. You may not begin to post IC until you have submitted your CS.

Steps To Creating Your CS

Step Information
Choose a race We have a variety of races here on ST and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses.
Select your skills Once you know your race, it's time to determine your starter skills and knowledge. This will feed into your character's job and hobbies.
What about religion? Does your PC worship or hate the Immortals? Might they carry a Blessing or Curse already?
A mage? Is your PC a mage? If so, what kind?
Starting Location With so many wonderful and interesting places to choose from, where will your character begin their story?
Wealth Check your starting package and starter wealth.
Starting Renown A system we have which measures how famous / well known you are.
NPCs? Do you need to, or want to, apply for NPCs? Find out here.
Slave or owner? If you are playing a slave or a slave owner, you'll need to read this.
Completion & Approval What to do once you've completed your CS

Enjoy the process of creating your character and remember, there is always help available, should you need or want it.