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A category to keep information for our lovely, wonderful, very appreciated peer reviewers.

Rules for Thread Submission

  • Standing Trials TOU: You should, at minimum, be posting 250 words per post.
  • Threads: There is no minimum word count, however we feel that 1500 is a worthwhile number to strive for. That said, we will not be hard enforcing word count. Individuals found abusing this system in order to powerplay will be dealt with accordingly, as individuals.
  • Solos: You may choose 6 Skill Knowledge from your thread. For every post made after the first page, you gain an additional skill knowledge for a maximum of 15 total skill knowledge. Auto 10 points upon completion no matter what.
  • Collaboration Threads: You may choose 8 Skill Knowledge from your thread after you've made a total of 3 posts. Less than three posts will allow you to claim only the 6 knowledge of a solo (please note, this does not apply to abandoned threads). For every post made after that, you gain an additional skill knowledge. Auto 15 points upon completion no matter what.
  • Moderated Threads: Final rewards are up to the moderator's discretion.


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