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An Open, Unmoderated City is a forum that is considered completed in terms of content for players to use. However, that forum has no Storyteller or City Moderator watching over it. Because of this, the forum will be locked and moved to the wilderness forum appropriate to it. Players can still use the lore and the area, but all threads must be posted in the Wilderness forum. All Open, Unmoderated cities will have a date of when the lost moderation, thus allowing these rules to go into effect.

Rules for Players and Mods

1) No Moderators can give permission for anything in the city that requires moderation, not through PM, Discord, or the PSF. If a reviewer sees you using this content, they will report it to a moderator and the thread will be locked with no rewards.

2) No development submitted by players may be approved for use. Unapproved content may not be used. Lore may be adjusted in the city, if needed, by moderators, but this requires a discussion from the staff first.

3) Wealth Threads taking place in the city cannot be approved by any Moderator. Because of this, the PC can NOT acquire subsequent Wealth Points through reviews.

4) Threads that require moderation are not to be asked for nor given in the city. There will be extremely rare exceptions to this, but the majority will be denied. Things such as Mark Acquisition, Mark Rank Ups, Magic Initiations, etc will be denied.

5) You may thread in the city.

6) You may have threads reviewed that take place in the city.

Open Cities that are Unmoderated

Northern Wastes

Wilderness forum here

  1. Sirothelle - March 14, 2019

Eastern Plains

Wilderness forum here

  1. Nashaki - March 14, 2019

Central Reservation

Wilderness forum here

  1. Ivorian Empire- March 14, 2019
  2. Rhakros- March 14, 2019

Western Heights

Wilderness forum here

  1. Uthaldria- March 14, 2019

Southern Swamps

Wilderness forum here

  1. Quacia - June 1, 2019
  2. Augiery - March 14, 2019

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