Staff List

Meet The Prophets

Here on Standing Trials our staff are called "Prophets". There are three roles withing the staff teams - Storytellers, Developers and Lore Analysts.

Storyteller Team

A Storyteller's main focus is on what the name suggestions: the story. Storytellers are very important to the functionality of Standing Trials and the overall plotline driving the site. These moderators mostly handle city moderation and structure, building and updating lore, calendars, locations, approving jobs and wage requests, approving city development requests and sponsoring, planning, and completing moderated threads. They review threads, plan and lead global plotlines, participate in Immortal meetups with characters, and organize city events. Another responsibility of a Storyteller is to maintain player interest. Storytellers play one of the most critical roles as they are the energy that inspires players to write and remain with us.

Avatar Name City Administrative or Development Specialist Area(s)
Aegis Yaralon Yaralon - Technology - ST TL
Ghoul Scalvoris Scalvoris
Maltruism Athart - Etzos - Orm'del Sea Poisons, Herbs & Drugs - Misty Miasma - Creating The World Forum - Etzos - Athart - Orm'del Sea
Octopie Ne'haer -
Tempest Yaralon -

Developer Team

Developers are tasked with creating, expanding and/or organizing information for world building purposes. These individuals are responsible for world development, building off of and creating meta-plots, developing history, skills, races, Immortals, blessings and curse, etc. Developers are the suppliers to Storyteller (and player) demand. They provide information for all characters to use within story and create goals for character advancements and achievements. Developers create the foundation for plot and work in tandem with Storytellers to ensure all the puzzle pieces mesh nicely. Development-oriented people normally focus on world building essentially with afterthoughts for city development.

Avatar Name City Administrative or Development Specialist Area(s)
Basilisk Nashaki Dungeons (CTW) - Monsters (CTW) - Nashaki - Immortals - Dev TL
Prongs 1.1.jpg
Prongs NA Development - Create the World Forum - Flora & Fauna
Squirrel Ivorian Ivorian - Ithecal
Whisper NA Viden- Slavery - Idalos Higher Education (Rynmere, Viden, Scalvoris, Ivorian) - Oscillus

Lore Analysis Team

One of the things that we love about Standing Trials is that we are dynamic. Our players impact the stories we tell and we strive to bring out new content such as races, Immortals and magics on a regular basis. The job of the Lore Analysis Team is to ensure that our vast amount of Lore is consistent, and up to date. We work with the Storytelling team to bring forward changes by making plots out of them, and with the Developers in order to enact changes they're implementing.

Avatar Name City Administrative or Development Specialist Area(s)
Fairytale NA Races
Oracle Melrath Magic
Pegasus Desnind & Emea Immortals - Blessings / Curses
Pig Boy NA OOC Guides - Lore
Splinter 1.jpg
Splinter Viden Viden - New Player Experience